Multi-Generational Planning for Real Estate Investors

Thinking about passing your real estate assets to the next generation?

Use multigenerational financial planning to minimize taxes & preserve family harmony.

Begin Your Multigenerational Financial Planning

You’ve devoted years to building wealth through real estate investments. Now it’s time to plan for the transfer of your assets to your children and grandchildren to secure their futures.

You know that - if properly managed - these investments can continue to support your family for generations. But you also know you must protect these assets against risks such as divorce, frivolous litigation, avoidable taxes or fragmented family unity.

Transferring Real Estate Investment Wealth

Ellowitch 3 focuses on the special needs of real estate investors. We advise you on proper estate planning techniques to create a legacy that ensures your assets provide income for your family through multiple generations.

We know you want your children and grandchildren to get along. We believe there is one key part of generational planning which must be done correctly. You need to build a plan to ensure your family isn’t driven apart by the sudden arrival of wealth. We help you divide your assets equitably. Then we help you to communicate your decisions so there are no surprises or questions.

We also believe in educating your heirs about their new wealth. Taking this step can help ensure that your assets continue providing financial security.

Explore Your Multigenerational Financial Planning Options

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