Financial Planning for New Real Estate Investors

Do you want to use real estate to supplement your income or diversify investment assets?

It’s important to ensure your real estate fits in with your entire financial life.

Financial Planning for New Real Estate Investors

You have an almost infinite number of ways to invest in real estate. You can:

  • focus on commercial, retail or residential investments.
  • manage properties on your own or hire someone else to do it for you.
  • choose to be the “bank” - providing hard money to other individuals who put deals together.
  • make real estate investments your primary source of income and wealth accumulation.
  • use investing in properties as one part of a multi-faceted financial investment strategy.

Whether you choose to buy & hold, fix & flip, house-hack or BRRR – there is no right or wrong approach to real estate investing.

But do you know the answers to all the financial questions you need to address?  If you want to succeed, you need to know:

  • how you should finance your properties.
  • how to manage risk and taxes.
  • what goals you want to achieve – do you want short term income or long-term appreciation?
  • how to ensure your family benefits from your investments.

It can get confusing very quickly.

A Plan for Real Estate Investment Success

You want to be successful, so you need help from the beginning. Ellowitch 3 works with individuals who are new to investing in real estate. We create a financial plan to help you manage your risk and meet your goals.

We believe in a holistic approach to your financial health. Successful investing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Together, we’ll look at your goals, timelines and financial picture to ensure that your real estate investments fit your plan.

  • If you’re investing for income, you’ll need to understand what cap rates your deals must have.
  • If you’re looking for long-term appreciation, you may need to focus on the IRR of your deals.
  • If you want to fix & flip, then you’ll need to understand how much capital to put to work and the minimum profit margin of your deals.

It’s important that you know how much of your hard-earned wealth – and which assets - you should put to work in real estate. We’ll review your broader financial plan to determine the appropriate levels of risk when using your capital to invest in real estate. 

You must also protect yourself and your family from unanticipated events. We help you plan for circumstances such as:

  • Drastic market downturns
  • Fluctuations in the credit market & capital calls
  • Sudden disability
  • Premature death

We think all of this is important to your success. Don’t you?

Bring Financial Planning to Your Real Estate Investing

You’re working hard to build your real estate portfolio, give us a call at 610-295-5909 to make sure you have a prudent plan in place.