Estate financial planning at Ellowitch 3

Who do you want to receive your assets?

Your heirs. Not the IRS.

Estate Planning for Successful Investors

You’ve got a choice of three possible beneficiaries to your estate. Family, charity or the IRS.  Right now, it’s your choice which of these will benefit from what you’ve built.

You need to do some essential proactive and thoughtful estate planning to ensure that what took you a lifetime to put together stays together. The most effective estate planning for investors accounts for the transfer of your wealth, charitable planning and legacy objectives. When you’re creating an estate plan, you need to understand the long-term impact of your gifting and the projected growth of assets to ensure they fit the overall plan.

Developing Tax-Efficient Estate Plans

There are many complexities involved in estate planning - from taxes and trusts to preparing your heirs properly. Ellowitch 3 works with you to help you understand tax issues such as Step-up at Death valuations, Single and Married Couple Federal Tax Exemptions and how to handle rapidly appreciating assets. We’re here to advise you on the most appropriate ways to transfer your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries.

Protecting Your Heirs

We believe that it’s not only critical to prepare your wealth for your heirs - but also to prepare your heirs for their new wealth. We want to help you ensure a successful generational transfer of wealth, and that means educating your heirs about the assets they will receive.  

You can protect your family beneficiaries through well-designed trusts which provide protection against predators, divorcing spouses, creditors, avoidable taxes, litigation and even from poor decision-making.

Create Your Legacy.

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