How to sell your real estate investments and retire

Do you want out?

Sell your real estate investments

Divesting Real Estate Assets

Are you a real estate investor who has spent decades building your portfolio? Do thoughts of unexpected vacancies, maintenance issues, rent collection problems, potential health challenges or the inability to take a true vacation make you think about getting out?

If now is the time for you to sell your assets, you need to consider how you’ll minimize tax consequences and avoid opportunistic buyers. There is no one ‘perfect’ way to divest – but there are many ways that could work best for you.

The solution for your situation could be a combination of methods, or even a phased implementation designed specifically for you.

Selling Real Estate Investments is Complex and We’re Here to Help.

We specialize in financial planning for real estate investors. We work with you to make prudent choices to potentially maximize your wealth.

You can structure your exit. Divestment options include a wide range of choices - from simply selling to:

  • using loss carryforward or perhaps a manufactured loss
  • matching charitable giving
  • hiring a property manager
  • leveraging a 1031 exchange into a long-term net lease property or a Delaware statutory trust.

Support Your Retirement Lifestyle

We look at your entire financial life to determine a suitable divestment strategy for you, your family and your goals. Retiring from real estate investing means making some informed decisions.

You still need to fund your retirement lifestyle. Together, we’ll work through what your lifestyle may cost, how it might change over time, what risks could undermine your success, and what income streams can support your retirement.

Once we understand your needs and financial picture, we develop a real estate divestment strategy to help provide the income you need and minimizes tax implications.

Are You Ready to Explore Your Retirement from Real Estate Investing?

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