What Do You Need from a Financial Advisor?

Every stage of investing has its complexities and can be confusing. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out on your wealth accumulation journey, you need to have confidence in your financial advisor. 
You must be clear about your goals and know that everyone on your financial team is crystal clear about them as well. Mostly, you really want to feel comfortable with your financial planner and confident that the decisions you make together are suitable. 
If you’re concerned about achieving your life goals, enjoying retirement, making sure your family is taken care of and ensuring that the IRS doesn’t take what you’ve spent years building, come talk to us. If you want to ensure that your legacy brings your children – and their children – together rather than breaking your family apart, come talk to us.
We’ll create a financial plan to help you achieve your goals and protect your family using the tax minimization and estate planning strategies best suited to you and your family’s situation. 

Why Choose Ellowitch 3?

Choosing a financial advisor with expertise in real estate investing is not easy. Our team focuses on the special financial planning needs of real estate investors – whether you’re:
  • working to get out  
  • transferring your portfolio to the next generation
  • looking to real estate as a bridge from a 9-5 job to financial independence 
  • just starting out. 
Our economic and tax landscape is constantly changing. We help you invest for retirement or financial independence, plan for generational wealth transfer, minimize taxes and – most of all – protect and preserve family harmony. 
Ellowitch 3 - developing financial plans to get you and your loved ones where you want to go. Contact us today.

Real Estate Investors

Interested in building wealth through real estate? Ellowitch 3 can help you answer the key questions at every stage.


Maximize Tax Efficiency

You’ve built wealth, and now it’s time to enjoy it. Let’s minimize taxes, protect your assets & keep your family together.


Financial Planning

You’ve got financial goals. Whether it’s a secure retirement or buying a home, Ellowitch 3 can help.


Interested in building wealth through real estate investing?

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